Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Institute for Biometrics and Medical Informatics
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The tasks of the Institute is to support the medical and biological research with mathematical and statistical methods. The staff members focus the planning, implementation, evaluation and interpretation of medical studies and experiments and seek in particular to increase the efficiency of examinations.

Medical Informatics and MRI

The field of medical informatics deals with planning and construction of medical information systems and develops solutions for e-learning and Grid Computing. The Experimental MRI is focused on the field of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in the introduction, application and optimization of new measuring equipment and methods.The Neuroimaging Research Group concentrates on  the methods of functional and structural brain imaging adapted from magnetic resonance imaging. Based on the real-time fMRI, methods for the preparation of nerve fibers and brain-computer interfaces are examined.


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