Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Institute for Biometrics and Medical Informatics

Dr.-Ing. Tim Herrmann

Scientific Assistant

  Room: H28/205
Phone: 0391-67-15842
Fax: 0391-67-290324
Address: Leipziger Straße 44
39120 Magdeburg


  • Head of the RF-MRI LAB
  • Support for MR studies for the 7T MRI-System

Teaching Activities

  • Internship: Medical computer science for medical students

Areas of research and projects

  • MRI RF-coil development more
  • simulation-based MRI RF-coil development for high and ultra high-field MRI systems (3T, 4,7T, 7T)
  • SAR calculation of MR RF-coils
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